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Dear all,

This is your task for week 12. Write 5 short paragraphs about:

“Do you like going to the movies”

Make sure that you:

§  Describe a film you have recently seen.
§  Write your opinion of the film and what you think its good and bad points are.

The 5 short paragraphs include: Introductionbody (background events and main events) (3 short paragraphs) and conclusion. Blog 7 will help you to organize your ideas.

Your post should be done in no less than 80 words. Write and publish it as soon as it is possible.

Write your comment on “Blog 12”. Try to respond using your vocabulary and grammar background related to unit 10 and 11.

DeadlineFriday 23/06/2017
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I love going to the movies, I can nominate film buff, especially with Peruvian films because I do not lose me any.

The last movie I saw was "Crazy Love", went to see it with my girlfriend and overall we loved so much and it was not a common but a musical film.

Its good point was the commitment to be a film different from the others, it is not so common to see a movie musical or anything that is Peruvian. That pleased us very much is why I always recommend it.

His bad point was the story as it was very predictable, especially the end, everything else was excellent.

In conclusion, I love going to the movies and much more when premiere Peruvian films on the film "Crazy Love", I recommend the most because it is very different from other film and helps to break the routine.

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BLOG 12, by Martel Bernuy Gianella Darlen

I love to go to the movies and i even love more buy some of them and see them in my home. I like to watch horror, romantic, comedy, action and drama movies.

I have recently seen the boy in the stripped pajamas. It is about a kid thas was jewish who was in the civil war and meet a boy who was the son of the person who was in charge of the jewish prisioners. He ended up being friend of him and passed through a lot of experiences and finally they died toguether because the soldiers send the people who don't serve to them to be burned in a room, and the boy and his friend went, but for mistake there and they died burned.

It is a good film, because you can see that have a painful message; the dad was in charge of killing all this people burning them and for that his son died. I think is like karma, you do something to others and somehow it will return to you.

In summary, one of the most plans made by people to be distracted is going to the movies. In the room you can enjoy a good movie, either in the company of someone, or alone.

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BLOG 12, by Vanessa Silva

Yes, I do. I really like going to the movies but I really don't have time for the busy schedule I have but the movie I have recently seen ‘is Me Before You’, which was an amazing and emotional movie.

 I think it was a surprising movie because I didn’t expect the end will be like it was. The movie started showing a family where nobody had a job because one of the children lost her job. Everybody was worried about that. She applied to a job that was about taking care of somebody. In the interview she was very enthusiastic and nervous at the same time, but fortunately she got the job. Then, the first days working in that house, the boy , who couldn’t walk because he had an accident, made her life impossible. She wanted to quit but her sister convince her to not do it. 

After that, she tried her best and finally she started to have a better relation with him. They were enjoying a lot together until she heard by accident that he wanted the doctors will end his life because of the pain and results of the accident he had. It was really sad for me to hear that. 

On the other hand, she didn’t give up, she decided to plan something so, she went to a trip with him to try to show him that life is amazing. The most important thing here is that they fell in love. They were happy but it was surprised to hear that he didn’t change his decision. 

To end, they came back to his home and she left. Then she decided to go to the place where he is going to be sleep and then we can see that she is in one of the places that he comment her. 

However, this was the story. I loved everything because of the drama, how they felt in love and everything that they experienced was really nice. I loved those characteristics about the movie. On the contrary, I didn’t like he died because I was expecting that he could walk again and have a life with her. I really loved that couple. Also, I expected that he changes his mind I really didn’t like that the 
movie finished like that. 

In my conclusion, after everything, it was a really interesting movie and not common because most of the time it has a happy ending

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