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Dear all,
This is your task for week 1. Write a paragraph about:

“Are online friendships important”

Make sure that you:

v Explain some points in favor of online friendships.
v Explain some points against online friendships.
v Come to a conclusion that gives your opinion.
v Use expressions such as howeverwhilewhereasbut and on the other hand to contrast ideas.

Your post should be done in no less than 60 words. Write and publish it as soon as it is possible

DeadlineFriday 08/04/2017 

Click here, you will see an example, but do not copy, make yours.


Writing Making Judgements (page 18 of your books)

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  1. Friendships online are important but must take into account different aspects, both positive and negative, it is good to have a large circle of friends, you can learn a lot from each, however there are many people in social networks seek to make damage, whether there are many rapists abduct or false accounts and one must be careful or cautious. One must ensure that the person is the photo, not to be fooled easily, if you are getting with someone, it better be in a public place for any kind of problem does not occur. On the other hand it is good to know many people, expand your network. In conclusion it is important to have friends online but we must be very careful with those friendships.